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Delta Element Traps for Process/Heating
Models 3A/GM3 Steam Traps
Model DMR6 Steam Traps
Model 6A/GM6 Steam Traps
Models M10-GM10 Stean Traps
Models M16-GM16 Steam Traps
Models M25-GM25 Steam Traps
Models M40-M64-M100 Steam Traps
MAGNUM Series Steam Traps
  • Body Material: single element units: forged carbon steel; multi-element units: fabricated steel
  • Maximum Differential Pressure: up to 320 psi (22,1 bar)
  • Maximum Body Temperature: 650°F (343°C)
  • Features: can be supped with up to 18 bimetallic elements for hot condensate flows as high as 149,000 pounds per hour.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • View Literature Cut Sheet (pdf file)
  • View Sizing & Selection Cut Sheet (pdf file)

Delta Element Traps for Subcooled Tracing
Model TS22 Sealed Steam Traps
Models M22-TM22
Model DM10E Steam Trap

Delta Element Traps for Dripleg Service
Models DM40-DM64-DM100
Models DM160-DM320
Models DM6 & DM12 Steam Traps
Model DS12 Sealed Steam Traps
Model DM25 Steam Traps


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